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Welcome to Project X. This is my little showcase of some pages I've created with my Webtv internet terminal. I hope you like car stuff cause that's what most of 'em are about. My primary intrest is musclecars of the 60's and early 70's. The primary focus of this page are MOPAR's but I like all of them. Eventually I will have some pages of interesting Phords and Shivvy's but right now enjoy the muscle from Mother Mopar!

Here's a little summary of what you will find inside:

Some pages are graphics intense...please allow time for them to load. This website was created on a WebTv internet access terminal. Some pages may not format the same on computer browsers.

This section gives a little history of the evolution of the Chrysler Hemi as a dominant force in drag racing. Includes some drag racing action pic's from the 1960's. Top Fuel, AA/FA and some cool Gassers.

426 Hemi
Here we will explore the evolution of the "late" hemi introduced in 1964 as a replacment for the very sucessful "MAX WEDGE" engines.

Dodge and Plymouth divisions had some very interesting print ad campaigns. Here I will showcase some of them.

If you think Mopar was serious about drag racing wait till you see what they did to insure dominance in NASCAR! Some of the wildest factory produced vehicles ever!!!

This will be a constantly evolving page so check back often as I will be adding stuff as I find it.

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